PCSD to Add New Security Features

As the school year draws to a close, officials at the Pawling Central School District are already looking ahead to summer and several modifications to safety and security measures in buildings across the district. Recent tragic events across the country have led to increased concerns about school safety nationwide, and the Pawling Central School District is no exception. As part of the capital construction program, these improvements will provide students with a safer and more secure learning environment.

In the coming months, Pawling High School will be adding to new windows throughout the building. Officials will also be installing a new security vestibule at the building’s main entrance. The new installation will require visitors to speak with a security greeter via an intercom system before entering a separate glass-enclosed room. Guests will then present their identification, which will be scanned before providing them with a visitor pass and granting access to the building. PHS currently uses the Raptor Visitor Management System, which cross references identification information against customizable law enforcement databases and keeps detailed records of all visitors. Currently, Raptor is used by more than 20,000 schools nationwide.

At Pawling Middle School, a similar security vestibule will also be installed at the building’s main entrance. In addition, the middle school will receive upgraded and improved doors throughout the building, as well as wi-fi cameras. The school’s intercom system will be changed out to regular phones, which will allow teachers to make calls outside of the classroom. The Middle School will also be installing a new generator, which will serve to keep power to the building during inclement weather and allow for uninterrupted operation of food storage devices and data systems. Delivery entrances at the Middle School will also be receiving security upgrades to ensure only proper personnel are using service and delivery entrances.