A New Chapter at Front Street Art Gallery

A new art exhibition entitled A New Chapter is currently on display at the Front Street Gallery in Patterson. The artwork of 28 artists were selected, each with their own distinctive styles and mediums ranging from painting to photography, arranged for exhibition by gallery curator Jeanette Rodriguez.

An opening reception took place on April 28, attended by many residents of Pawling and members of the Pawling Library community. The event was conceived and organized by Donald Partelow and was met with positive reviews from those in attendance. Said one patron, “The enjoyment isn’t just in seeing the art, but in interpreting the meaning of each piece.” Donald Partelow also spoke on the nature of interpreting the displayed works, remarking on a painting entitled Social Evolution by Nora Roberto: “On display is a painting of an elderly woman pulling a cart. The artist happened upon this woman in passing and had to capture this moment before it was lost in time.”

Partelow also expressed his appreciation of all the hard work needed to produce the exhibit and its importance to the community as a whole. “Many thanks to the Front Street Gallery’s Jeremy Wolff and Jeanette Rodriguez for the opportunity to work together, uniting our communities,” he said. “We thank the many artists for creating beautiful works of art, for bringing more beauty into our world and for preserving moments in time to be shared with others for years to come.”

A New Chapter will be on display at the Front Street Gallery, 21 Front Street, Patterson, NY, through June 22. For further information, contact the gallery at FrontStreetGallery.org