Dynamic Intervention Opens New Office in Pawling

A longstanding local business has found a new home as Dynamic Intervention Wellness Solutions moved to a location in the Village of Pawling. Owner Jackie Muller has been a licensed clinical social worker for more than 20 years and looks to continue providing her unique brand of counseling to the community in her new office at 9 Arch Street.

At Dynamic Intervention, Jackie Muller provides a vital service in the form of counseling to help individuals overcome obstacles and reach their full potential. “My background is in clinical social work, so we work with a systems theory when we’re dealing with people and their life issues,” explains Muller. “Each individual is more than just what is going on in their mind, and they have a whole array of things happening in their life. This includes relationships, career, school, finances, fun and recreation, and spirituality. These things are all like spokes on a wheel. And if one of those spokes is bent or broken, then the wheel doesn’t turn as efficiently as it should. My goal is to help them rebalance and find a path to the outcomes that they seek.”

The treatment at Dynamic Intervention covers a wide array of issues with regard to mental well-being. These can include anxiety, social integration, family dynamics, grief counseling, and even addiction. “Addiction is something that many people struggle with, in one form or another,” says Muller. “But you don’t walk through the door here and get a script. People come to me for many different reasons. I focus on finding creative ways to solve problems for each individual.”

Sessions typically last forty-five minutes to an hour and are available for individuals of any age, from pre-teens to senior citizens, groups, and families. Treatments are tailored to each individual case, but can include guided meditation or journaling. “I work with a multidisciplinary approach and consult with clients’ other providers to create a comprehensive approach that includes physical and nutritional health,” she explains. Muller also focuses on the importance of establishing goals, especially when dealing with adolescents and young adults. “I like working with twenty- and thirty-somethings,” she says. “As the mother of a millennial, I’ve learned the importance of setting healthy boundaries. The culture has changed so much because of technology.”

Originally founded as a cooperative in Pawling, Muller later moved Dynamic Intervention to a location in Patterson before returning to Pawling, establishing an LLC in 2007. “I felt like I was a little too far off the beaten path,” says Muller who proudly opened her new office on Arch Street on April 1. “I wanted to be more centralized.” The business will also be adding two interns to the staff this coming summer.

Jackie Muller completed her undergraduate work at Lehman College in New York City and received a master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Fordham University. She has also taken courses at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck. Muller is a proud mother of three, one of whom will be joining her practice at Dynamic Intervention next year. Muller has been a Pawling resident for 15 years.

As Dynamic Intervention settles into the new office, Jackie Muller is looking to the future. “This should be considered a keystone for community wellness,” she says. “Lots of places have a town social worker, and that’s something that we don’t have here. I want my interns to be a part of the community, and I really see this place growing.” For more information, visit DynamicInterventionLLC.com online.