Daryl’s House Advances Toward Outdoor Venue

A cornerstone of the local entertainment community is looking to expand, as Daryl’s House Club continues to plan for an outdoor concert area. Located at 130 Route 22 in Pawling, the club is attempting to move forward with an expansion project that was conceived more than a year ago.

Currently, Daryl’s House Club has a licensed, indoor seating capacity of 266 patrons. To achieve approval from the Town of Pawling for the new outdoor stage, with a proposed capacity of 1,200 guests, a number of measures need to be taken. Daryl’s House is taking steps to modify the existing parking lot by adding defined parking lines for spaces. The club is also working closely with Town officials to establish a system of shuttle buses that will bring patrons to and from the site on concert nights. Off-site parking locations are being considered in Patterson and the Village of Pawling. These sites would mean that the Daryl’s House parking lot would be used only for the circulation of shuttle buses, food trucks, outdoor bathroom facilities, and parking for tour buses. Currently, the club also brings patrons from the nearby Hannaford supermarket at 162 Route 22, using a shuttle with a capacity of 8 to 10 patrons. The club will need to submit a parking, outdoor concert venue patron evacuation, and shuttle bus circulation plan to the Town of Pawling. Town officials stress the emphasis on guest safety during these considerations.

In addition to addressing parking concerns, representatives from Daryl’s House must also submit a Site Plan to the Town detailing the specifications for the 1,200-patron venue. This plan will encompass the outdoor stage elevation, position of speaker and sound systems, and toilet facilities. Patrons will stand during outdoor shows. The club will also need to be in accordance with Town of Pawling noise ordinances and proper sound mitigation techniques. Before receiving approval, Daryl’s House must explore methods to reduce noise that might affect nearby residents.

Daryl’s House will also be tasked with conducting a practicality and economic feasibility study. To this end, the club must also file an Application for a Special Use Permit with the Town.

Residents of the Town and Village of Pawling have expressed concerns about traffic and noise associated with the Daryl’s House Club outdoor concert theater. Town officials emphasize that the project is still in the early planning phases and will provide updates as the proper applications and Site Plans are submitted.