Acupuncture in Pawling

For those seeking robust health and well being, a longstanding practice in the Village of Pawling may very well hold the key. Located in a warm, friendly office at 11 West Main Street, Julie Johns, L.Ac., a Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, has been serving the community for the past 15 years.

Acupuncture is a key component in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which has developed into a complete holistic drug-free medical system. Acupuncturists place fine, sterile needles at acupoints on the body, specifically targeting problem areas. This activates and moves the body’s Qi (pronounced “chee”) or Life Energy stimulating natural healing, boosting immunity, and nourishing emotional and physical health.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) recognize acupuncture for treatment of an array of medical problems and conditions. These include anxiety, digestive troubles, allergies, fibromyalgia, reproductive problems, and joint and muscle pain. “We’re well known for successfully treating musculoskeletal problems, and justifiably so,” says Johns. “But we treat a lot of other things. The list is extensive. Acupuncture is also an effective aid for weight loss and smoking cessation.”

Sessions typically last 60 to 90 minutes. A patient’s medical history is reviewed, followed by a brief consultation with the patient to determine their particular constitution and Chinese medical diagnosis. Once the problem areas have been identified, a treatment protocol is developed. “The treatment is surprisingly relaxing, “ assures Johns.

In addition to acupuncture, Johns compliments some of her treatments with classical Chinese herbal remedies. As a certified Chinese herbalist (NCCAOM) she is well versed in herbal formulas made of blends of individual herbs, which are usually in capsules. They can be prescribed in the classic form or individualized as needed, using only the highest quality herbs.

Johns holds a B.A. in Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, a B.S. in Health Sciences, and a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Mercy College, where she received extensive clinical experience. Before opening her own practice, she was a medical researcher at Stanford University Medical School and Weill Cornell Medical College at New York Hospital. “Having knowledge of western medicine allows me to understand someone’s medical diagnosis,” she says. “This is looking at the same body with a different lens.” “It’s a different set of eyes on the same problem. “

Johns and her family are residents of Patterson. She has established a following in Pawling due to her gentle touch and compassionate attention to her patients. She continues to spread awareness of the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese herbs and welcomes any questions about how they can help in healing. For more information, visit online, or call (845) 855-5410.