Clerk's Corner A Message from Pawling's Town Clerk

I would like to tell everyone in Pawling little bit about the Office of the Town Clerk, and about my duties and responsibilities as Pawling’s Town Clerk.

You may not realize it, but the Office of the Town Clerk has served as a direct link between residents and their local government since as far back as biblical times!

As many of you have already experienced, my office prides itself on having a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. We are accessible to the public, answering resident’s questions and taking care of their town-related business needs. For your convenience, I am a Notary Public and offer this service to residents free of charge. Many of the Town Clerk’s duties are mandated by law, but many more go well beyond those mandates as the Town Clerk also serves as a major source of information to all residents of Pawling.

My office issues all licenses – for example, transfer station permits, hunting and fishing licenses, dog licenses, and marriage licenses, to name just a few. The Town Clerk is also appointed Registrar of Vital Statistics, and in this capacity I keep birth, death and marriage records, all of which are issued from my office. I am the custodian of all Town records and am responsible for the storage and disposition of active and inactive records. I am also responsible for keeping minutes of all Town Board meetings, and these minutes serve as the permanent, historic record of the Town. The Town Clerk has many duties related to billing and disbursing funds to the state, county and local fiscal officers and also assists with state and internal audits. These are some of the official duties my office is responsible for, and as you can see, the job is quite a complex one.

I welcome your questions and comments and want you to feel comfortable calling or stopping by my office at the Town Hall (located at 160 Charles Colman Blvd.) with any question you may have, especially if you aren’t sure where to go to get the answer. I can usually get the answer for you or point you in the right direction. You can e-mail me at, or call the office at (845) 855-5040.