Holiday Hazards: How to Protect Your Pets

Holidays are a time for friends, family, and fun – not an emergency trip to the vet! Brook Farm Veterinary Center in Patterson warns pet owners to watch out for your furry friends this season with a few simple reminders.

The holiday menu is a veritable minefield of hazards for our pets, and everything is tempting for a curious cat or dog. Chocolate, alcohol, onions, and garlic are just a few of the many human foods that can easily send a pet to the hospital.

Symptoms include excessive drooling, vomiting and diarrhea. If you think your pet may be suffering from some sort of food toxicity please contact your emergency vet right away for treatment. Get ahead of this potential problem by making sure you watch those table scraps and provide pets with safe snacking alternatives.

Decorations are another concern this season, causing problems ranging all the way from intestinal blockages to burns and electrocution. Tinsel and string are two big offenders in this respect. When ingested, the long strands can become stuck in a pet’s intestines and cause a blockage, leading to extensive surgery and postoperative treatment. Pets with intestinal blockages may stop eating, have tender or sore abdomens and become less active up to a day or two after ingesting the object.

Make sure to keep small decorations and cords tucked out of reach and always monitor pets around the tree and fireplaces. For those particularly determined pets, products like bitter spray can help deter unwanted chewing

Everyone should have a happy holiday season, and that includes our pets. With a little preparation and know-how, you can ensure that the fun times don’t need to stop – especially for an emergency trip to the vet!

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