Village Board Prepares for 2018

The Village Board convened on Monday, December 4, for an organizational meeting at Village Hall. The meeting would serve to assign responsibilities to Board members for next year. Also on the agenda was a public hearing for the 2018 Garbage Budget, as well as a presentation by Terry Crowe Deegan regarding next season’s Farmer's Market.

As Pawling prepares for 2018, Mayor Robert Liffland outlined the areas of responsibility for each member of the Village Board. Jennifer Osborn will remain Village Clerk, and Elizabeth Shedd will continue to serve as Village Treasurer, with Mayor Liffland praising their dedication and effort over the past year.

Deputy Mayor Dan Peters will serve as Water Commissioner, Street Commissioner, Garbage Commissioner, and as a liaison to Metro North. Trustee John Burweger will supervise the website, Village Green, and buildings including the Chamber of Commerce facility, as well as acting as an employee liaison. Trustee Earl Slocum will be charged with overseeing Metro-North Parking as well as acting as a liaison to Metro-North. Burweger and Slocum will also work with the Town of Pawling to address matters concerning sidewalks and pathways. Trustee Lauri Taylor will be responsible for the Village Green and streetlights. Taylor and Peters will also handle matters related to the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4). In addition to their individual responsibilities, the entire Village Board is charged with promoting economic development and pursuing grants.

The Board then held a public hearing for the 2018 Garbage Budget, which includes a minimal increase in charges for personnel services and salaries. The budget increase amounts to 1.35%, or a $2.40 per unit increase. The Village Board also decided against privatizing garbage collection, as pursing that option would have nearly doubled the cost to the taxpayers. The Board voted unanimously to approve the 2018 Garbage Budget.

Following the public hearing, the Board heard a presentation from Terry Crowe Deegan, President of the Pawling Farmer’s Market. Deegan was in attendance to outline the plan for next year’s market, as well as to request the dates for use of the Village Green. The Pawling Farmer’s Market, which has become an anticipated public event for Pawling residents and out of town visitors, will be entering its eleventh season with a full slate of regular vendors, as well as a rotation of artisans and a Give Back Table that showcases either local artists or land organizations including Art East, FroGs, and the Appalachian Trail. The market is expected to feature roughly 30 vendors next season. Citing the positive impact the organization has had on Pawling, the Board approved use of the Village Green for Farmer’s Market 2018 for Saturday mornings from June 16 through September 29.

In other business, the Board voted to approve a resolution to extend the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office contract for patrol and protection of the Village of Pawling, beginning January 1, 2018, and lasting for one year.

Mayor Liffland concluded the meeting by praising the fundraising efforts of everyone responsible for contributing to the success of Pawling’s recent Decemberfest celebration and tree lighting ceremony. The event was only made possible by a unified fundraising effort from members of the Village Board, Town Board, Chamber of Commerce, and numerous volunteers and donors throughout the community. “When we heard about this, we took action,” said Mayor Liffland. “I’m really proud of everyone on this board. It was great, and very well organized. Our Town Supervisor Elect, James Schmitt, really stepped up to the plate. A lot of credit goes to Chamber of Commerce President Peter Cris, he hung in there, and everyone got behind him. I also want to thank Steve Parrino and his wife for their donations as well. It just goes to show you, that when you need something, the people in Pawling really step up.”