Town of Dover 2017 Election Results

On November 7, voters in the Town of Dover turned out to cast their ballots for a number of important local positions. Several incumbent candidates ran for positions unopposed; two open seats on the Town Board were filled.

At the county level, the race for Dutchess County Legislator for District 24 was won by incumbent Alan V. Surman (R, C, I) with a total of 1,462 votes (58.5% of votes cast). Surman defeated challenger Ryan Courtien (D) who received 1,039 votes (41.5%). County District 24 encompasses the towns of Dover and Union Vale.

Dover Town Supervisor Linda French was elected to another two-year term, running unopposed. French ran on the Democrat and United We Stand party lines, and garnered a total of 811 votes. Incumbent Town Justice Wren Abrams (R) was reelected after running unopposed and receiving 1220 votes. Abrams will serve a four-year term. Incumbent Dina Yeno (R) was elected to another two-year term as Town Tax Collector with 1,205 votes. Yeno also ran unopposed.

The only contested race in the Town of Dover this year saw four candidates vying for two open seats on the Town Board. Redman Abrams II (R) received 1,013 votes (33.8% of votes cast), and Andrew House (R.) garnered 912 votes (30.4%), with both being elected to four-year terms. Paul Palmer (D, I, UWS) received 519 votes (17.3%), while Jill Fieldstein (D, UWS) received 557 votes (18.6%).