Noah’s Ark Aquarium and Pet Shop

Pet owners will find a welcome addition to the local business scene with the opening of Noah’s Ark Aquarium and Pet Shop. Located at 31 Route 22, the new store will offer a variety of tropical fish, small rodents, and birds, as well as a wide selection of food and treats to satisfy all four legged friends. Owner Bernadette Hannan has longstanding ties to the Pawling community and is looking to make her mark when the shop holds its grand opening over Thanksgiving weekend.

Noah’s Ark officially opened for business on October 7 and has already begun stocking inventory with an impressive array of tropical fish and small pets. The store features twenty freshwater fish tanks, selling Bettas, Neon Tetras, Guppies, Platties, Mollies, Catfish, and Tiger Barbs, among others. The business aims to include saltwater tanks in the future. Noah’s Ark also gladly accepts specialty fish orders.

In addition to aquatic pets and pet equipment, Noah’s Ark also carries Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, several varieties of Hamsters, Mice, and Gerbils. Bird lovers can find Finches and Parakeets for sale. The shop also has Hermit Crabs and will be offering a selection of small lizards in the months to come. Crickets and Meal Worms for feeding are also available. In the future, Noah’s Ark plans to host pet adoption events.

Noah’s Ark is proud to offer a large selection of healthy pet food, some of which is not available at larger pet retailers. “We really try to center around all natural or organic food,” says owner Bernadette Hannan. Among the selection are numerous grain-free options, including Nature’s Logic, which uses whole food ingredients. The store also carries a multitude of cat and dog treats, with the same focus on healthy organic ingredients. These include True Hemp Dog Chews that promote hip and joint health, organic herb catnip, and even pumpkin spice dog biscuits. “Believe it or not, dogs really like the pumpkin,” say Miss Hannan. In addition to pet food, the shop also offers a variety of leashes, grooming supplies, lighting, and aquarium accessories.

When she decided to open Noah’s Ark Aquarium and Pet Shop earlier this year, Miss Hannan continued a family tradition. Her parents owned and operated a pet store of the same name on East Main Street in the Village of Pawling from 1969 – 1976. “I was groomed for this from a young age,” she says. Her mother, Wilma, is also helping with the operation of the new Noah’s Ark, along with their dogs Winchester and Cassie.

Miss Hannan is excited about the potential for Noah’s Ark to thrive and has already been receiving positive community feedback ahead of their official grand opening. During Thanksgiving weekend, the store will feature special discounts on fish tank packages, as well as free samples of food and treats. Above all, the business seeks to enhance the joy that comes from pet ownership. As Miss Hannan explained, “It’s all for the love of God’s creatures!”