Laura Leone, Networker-in-Chief, The Pawling Record

As The Pawling Record celebrates the release of its tenth issue, the Board of Trustees would like to take the time to recognize an invaluable member of our staff, Director of Ad Sales Laura Leone. Since the paper’s inception, Laura has been a driving force behind not only generating revenue for the publication, but also fostering the sense of commerce and community that the paper seeks to promote.

A Pawling resident since 2010, Laura came to the area through her employment with Aramark. The food service management company assigned her to Yale University, and later to Vassar College. When she relocated to Dutchess County, Laura chose to reside in Pawling. “I had a number of places I could have gone, but I made the right choice. I enjoy living here,” she says. She has two children, who attend Pawling High School and Middle School. While awaiting her next job placement from Aramark, Laura decided to take the position of Director of Ad Sales for The Pawling Record.

When asked what part of the job she enjoys the most, Laura explains that she likes the opportunity to network with local businesses, as well as with members of the community. She also believes in the importance of The Pawling Record to the community as a whole. “I like being a part of this team,” says Laura. “We all have to contribute to the amazing amount of work it takes to put this all together.”

Laura’s efforts have not only been well received by the community, but also by her colleagues at The Pawling Record. “Laura recognizes that the financial viability of the paper is dependent on advertising and assumes considerable responsibility for its success,” says John Burweger, President of the Board of Trustees. This understanding of the publication's financial model has made her efforts invaluable. “Laura is a committed team player and brings enthusiasm and energy that are vital to the success of this venture,” adds Chris Wood, a member of The Pawling Record Finance Committee.

The Pawling Record has a distribution radius of 7 miles, including Patterson, Beekman, Wingdale, and Dover, as well as Sherman, CT, and parts of New Milford, CT. The area includes roughly 12,000 households, and 38,000 people. The publication believes in the motto of “community, commerce, and culture” and actively seeks new opportunities to partner with area merchants. The paper’s financial support comes largely through advertisements paid for by local merchants and community organizations and non-profits. Additional revenue is contributed through subscriptions and private donations. Soon after launching in May, The Pawling Record was granted status as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

With an eye to the future, the newspaper is considering many exciting ideas to continue expanding and deepening ties to the community. Through the efforts of Laura Leone and the rest of The Pawling Record staff, the ideology of “community, commerce, and culture,” will continue to grow. As Laura states, “We’re just a bunch of local folks putting together a great newspaper!”