JSC to Receive $3.3 Million - State Grant to Help with Expansion of Wastewater Treatment Facility

On October 5, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the award of nearly $34 million in grants to support 24 drinking water and wastewater infrastructure projects in New York, some of which will have a direct impact on Pawling. These grants are part of a major statewide investment provided by New York’s Water Infrastructure Improvement Act and the Inter-municipal Water Infrastructure Grants Program. In total, Pawling is slated to receive an estimated $3,317,500 toward the expansion of the Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Announced in April as part of the Clean Water Infrastructure Act, the grants represent $255 million in funds available to municipalities across the state for use towards water quality infrastructure projects. “This unprecedented investment continues New York’s commitment to helping municipalities develop necessary infrastructure to protect our water resources,” said Governor Cuomo. “These investments are crucial to supporting the health and safety of our communities, and help lay the foundation for future growth and prosperity in every corner of this great state.”

For the Pawling Joint Sewer Commission (JSC), the announcement comes as welcome news for a project that has been in the making for almost twenty years. “We want to thank the Governor for his award. This is going to be a huge asset to Pawling and the commission,” said Chairman Dan Peters. The grant funding will help facilitate the expansion of the treatment facility from its current rate of 320,000 gallons to 750,000 gallons per day.

At a meeting on Thursday, October 12, the Joint Sewer Commission voted to approve the readjustment of the bid package for the Wastewater Treatment Facility expansion. The new bid package will take into account the removal of costs for the new belt filter press and dewatering before it is resubmitted for approval by the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC). Commission officials are confident that the new bid package will be approved quickly. Following EFC approval, the contract bidding process will begin. “Hopefully we'll receive a bid we can accept, since we’ve done all of the background work and received the grant. We have zero percent financing, and we’re hoping that this comes together so this money can offset the cost of the upgrade,” said Chairman Peters.

With the grant award in place, there is a feeling of excitement and gratitude among members of the Joint Sewer Commission, who have invested countless hours into the expansion of the wastewater treatment facility. “We want to thank Governor Cuomo for this money, and we are so happy that he chose to provide these funds to Pawling,” said Village Mayor Robert Liffland. “There’s going to be a lot of good to come out of this.”