Town Board Reappoints Fire Commissioner Terrell Muller to 5-Year Term, Receives Whaley Lake Dam Reco

The Pawling Town Board convened for a meeting at the Holmes Whaley Lake Civic Association Building on Wednesday, October 4. On the agenda were a public hearing regarding the 2018 Community Development Block Grant, as well as the reappointment of the Commissioner for the Pawling Fire District, and an update on the Whaley Lake Dam reconstruction project.

The Town Board opened the public hearing for the 2018 Community Development Block Grant Program for suggestions regarding ideas for the dispersal of funds for community improvement projects. Village Mayor Robert Liffland and several Village Trustees were in attendance to officially suggest that the Town and Village embark on a shared services initiative to repave areas of sidewalk spanning from West Main Street to Edward R. Murrow Park. The proposed project would also include the construction of handicapped accessible bathroom facilities at the park. Town officials will take the shared services proposal into consideration when applying for the 2018 grant.

Next, the Board unanimously approved the reappointment of Fire Commissioner Terrell Muller. Mrs. Muller’s current term is set to expire on December 31, but she has expressed interest in continued service to the Board of Commissioners. In response, the Board reappointed Mrs. Muller to a five-year term ending on December 31, 2022.

Town officials were pleased to announce that the Whaley Lake Dam project is progressing. Earlier this week, representatives from Winn Construction, re-constructors of the dam, attempted to begin the drawdown to lower the water level of the lake. This plan was abandoned when workers were unable to drive foundation-reinforcement piles to an acceptable depth due to an abundance of rock formations in the area. Instead, the company will now use a pump and a channel constructed on the east side of the dam to bring water to an acceptable level to continue construction. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation originally approved the time period for dewatering to last until October 15, but has granted an extension until October 31. Pumping is expected to begin on Friday, October 6.

The Board also asked to reiterate that residents should not enter the construction site surrounding the dam for any reason. Wynn Construction recently reported an instance of unauthorized access by a resident on the site. Officials stress that keeping the site free of unauthorized persons will ensure public safety as well as allow construction to continue on schedule. Members of the town Buildings and Grounds Department will be posting signs at the site to further ensure public safety.