Town Board Approves Voting Sites, Sets Date for Block Grant Public Hearing

The Town Board met on Wednesday, September 13, at Town Hall for a regularly scheduled meeting. Items on the agenda included the approval of several voting sites for the upcoming general election, setting a public hearing date for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, an update on the motion picture being filmed in Pawling, and renovations to the Town Hall Annex Building. ​ The Dutchess County Board of Elections has requested the use of several pubic facilities for the upcoming General Election on November 7. The Board approved the use of Town Hall at 160 Charles Coleman Blvd, the Lakeside Park Lathrop building at 2 Lakeside Drive, and the Holmes Whaley Lake Civic Association building, at 227 Route 292 in Holmes. The facilities will be open for voting for from 5:15 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. on November 7. Voters can find their polling places online at (Click on “District Maps” on the left-hand menu of the home page, then scroll down to the Town Map of Pawling.) ​ As specified by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Town is required to hold a Public Hearing regarding the Community Development Block Grant program. Pawling is an active participant in the CDBG program, which provides funds for numerous services including affordable housing initiatives for low-income individuals and community development activities. The Public Hearing for this program will be held on Wednesday, October 4, at the Holmes Whaley Lake Civic Association Building at 7:00 p.m. ​ The Board has been actively working with Comcast in the interest of acquiring Internet service for the Lakeside Park and Highway Department facilities. Originally these buildings were outside of Comcast’s service range, but through negotiations with Sullivan Data Management, Internet will soon be available at both sites, contingent on the Town purchasing a data plan. In addition, the Board plans to increase the Internet capabilities at Town Hall from 10 MB of data to 75 MB each month for a fee of approximately $130 per month. Lakeside Park and the Highway Department will each receive 50MB of data monthly, at a cost of approximately $100 each. These plans represent a two-year contract with Comcast, and will net the town a savings of 30% for the services. Once the Internet reception has been installed, the Board will next move to install public Wi-Fi at the locations. ​ Producers for Paramount Pictures approached town officials to ask for permission for Pawling to be cited as a location in the script for the film A Quiet Place, which began filming earlier this month. The town name will be mentioned by a character, and the name will be seen on signage that appears in the movie. The producers assured officials that Pawling will not be used in any derogatory fashion, and the town attorney cited no legal problems with this decision. The Board voted unanimously to allow producers to use the name in the script. ​ Finally, the Board voted in favor of awarding the bid for the renovations of the Town Hall Annex Building to Trademark Custom Building and Woodworking of Pawling. The renovations to the building, which also houses American Legion Hasler-Kamp Post #215, will help to improve not only the aesthetics of the exterior, but will also increase accessibility to the second floor. The estimated cost of the project is $78,500. Of that total cost, $50,000 is being supplied as part of a grant facilitated by State Senator Terrance Murphy.