Rotary-to-Rotary Disaster Relief From Pawling to Puerto Rico

At the October 3rd meeting of the Pawling Rotary Club, the membership voted to, once again, send a donation to help with disaster relief. This time, the District Governor of Rotary District 7000 of Puerto Rico, Mr. José Lucas Rodríguez Fontánez, will receive the funds. A check in the amount of $1,000 to assist with recovery efforts from Hurricane Maria will be forwarded to Mr. Rodriguez Fontanez this week. The United States territory of Puerto Rico was devastated by the Category 5 hurricane. With this donation, Pawling Rotary will have donated a total of $3,000 in humanitarian aid to hurricane recovery efforts in Houston, Florida, and now, Puerto Rico. In the last several weeks, Pawling Rotary donations have been made directly to Rotary clubs in the disaster zones, or through Shelter Box, a Rotary supported international relief organization.

Jeff Asher, President of Pawling Rotary, shared a note of thanks with the membership from the Beaumont, Texas Rotary Club, which received the first aid donation several weeks ago. The note expressed gratitude for the much needed assistance.

The Pawling Rotary Club raises money to support educational initiatives for children in the Pawling Community. Additionally, they provide support for international causes that assist children and families in need. Log on to the Rotary club website at, to learn more about their mission, their fundraisers, the organizations they support, and the scholarships they fund.