Save, Share, Backup Your Photos – For Free!

Almost everyone is snapping photos with their smartphones these days. But, once the pics are taken, how do you get them off the phone and onto a computer for sharing and printing?

Some folks email the photos to themselves, or maybe post them in social media, like Instagram or Facebook. Or there is the old way where you plug your phone into your computer and go through the whole download-and-sort-out hassle.

But there is a much, much easier way that is easy, automatic, and free! You just snap the pictures, and they’ll automatically be uploaded to a safe place where you can edit, sort, print and share them.

Several big Internet companies – including Google, Apple, and Microsoft – offer free storage and sharing for photos. You probably already have an online account with at least one of these. Google is most generous, offering unlimited cloud storage for photographs in “Google Photos” – included with a Gmail account. Microsoft and Apple both have limits for the free storage, but it is plentiful enough for most needs, and, of course, they’ll sell you more if you need it.

In all of these cases, there is an app that you download to your phone for Android or for Apple iPhone IOS. (Chances are that the app came preinstalled on your phone.) Once the app is downloaded, you connect the app on your smartphone to your free cloud account. The app will offer to automatically store your photos on the cloud, and you say “yes,” and you’re all done! The app will automatically transfer your photos to your Internet cloud account.

Once the photos are there, you can logon with your computer or tablet and view, print, download, and share your photos! From that point on, about as quick as you can take a picture, it is copied to the cloud and ready for you to use it as you please.

And – this bears repeating – it is all FREE, for Apple devices, Android, and for Windows phones, too. These guys are all competing for your favor, so all of their services are available on all brands of phones and computers.

It’s fast and easy. But that’s easy for me to say. If I can help with this, or anything on your computers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Mike Pepper, The Computer Guy, has been providing software and hardware support in New York and Connecticut for more than 35 years. He can be reached at: