Letter to the Editor

Lakeside Tennis Courts

To the Editor,

For the first time in many years, the tennis courts at Lakeside Park were not prepared for use this summer. Over the years the tennis courts served the recreation needs for U.S. military personnel during World War II who were convalescing at Lakeside, Con Edison workers vacationing at the site, conference groups who used the facility when owned and operated by the YMCA of Greater New York and many Pawling residents who were encouraged to use the YMCA facilities. It was with good foresight that the Town Board initiated the purchase of Lakeside in 2003 when the YMCA put the property up for sale, thereby presenting Pawling with the opportunity to develop a Lakeside-Morrow park system that could rival any public park in the region. The Town Board has worked hard since Lakeside’s purchase to provide for the maintenance and improvement of the site. The Pawling Community Foundation has embarked upon a fund raising effort to create a great Lawn, playing fields, dog run, and hiking trails between Morrow and Lakeside. As the tennis courts provide the first view upon entering Lakeside, they are important in forming a positive impression of Pawling and the park. While interest in tennis has waned in recent years, there is probably some truth to the adage that “if you maintain it, they will come.” Hopefully the town will prepare the tennis courts when next summer arrives.

Edward Lynn

Pawling, New York