Town Board Approves Polling Locations, Deliberates Changes at Transfer Station

The Town Board resumed its regular schedule with the first of two monthly meetings on Wednesday, September 6, at Town Hall. As Pawling looks ahead to November 7, Election Day, officials addressed the need to make balloting facilities available to residents and the removal of obsolete town equipment from various offices. Board members also provided updates on the Transfer Station and the Whaley Lake Dam reconstruction project.

The Board approved the use of three town facilities for residents to cast votes in the general election on Tuesday, November 7. The Dutchess County Board of Elections will have polling sites at The Lathrop Building, Lakeside Park, at 2 Lakeside Drive (Districts 1, 2, and 6), the Holmes Whaley Lake Civic Association Building at 227 Route 292 in Holmes (District 3), and Pawling Town Hall at 160 Charles Coleman Blvd. (Districts 4 and 5). Residents can find their Pawling Election District by visiting online. Click on “District Maps” on the left-hand menu of the home page, then scroll down to the Town Map of Pawling. Information on voter registration and absentee ballot forms can also be found at The Dutchess County Board of Elections can also be reached by telephone at (845) 486-2473.

As town facilities and equipment need to be upgraded, obsolete technology must be removed from the town’s asset inventory to be properly disposed of and recycled. Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds Wendel Weber has been authorized to facilitate this disposal. In total, the town will be removing six computers, nine monitors, eleven printers, and two fax machines, as well as a television and a dehumidifier.

Town officials are in the midst of considering several policy changes and improvements to the physical structure at the Transfer Station. Recently, the station has seen a marked improvement in residents adhering to proper procedure for the display and use of permits. Attendants are now posted at the station during all business hours to assist residents and ensure that each possesses the right sticker to use the Transfer Station. Board members are reviewing the process for purchasing and affixing vehicle permits. They are also considering eliminating brush and large furniture and appliance collection at the station for next year. Additionally, officials are weighing options to repair the roof overhanging the compacter.

The Whaley Lake Dam reconstruction project is advancing, with all appropriate paperwork filed. Winn Construction Services of Amsterdam, NY, was awarded the bid for reconstruction on July 12, 2017. The town has received a Notice to Proceed from the NYS Department of Environmental with work at the site. Before the rebuilding can commence, engineers will need to perform a drawdown to lower the water level approximately five feet. Winn Construction has set a tentative date of September 25 for the water-level drawdown, in order to give residents several more weeks to enjoy the lake before construction begins. When the date for the drawdown is made official, the Town Board will notify Whaley Lake residents and provide time for the removal of boats and docks from the area. Further information relating to the Whaley Lake Dam project can be found online at the Town of Pawling website at under “Departments” and “Whaley Lake Dam.”

The next Town Board Meeting is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, Sept. 13, at 7:00 p.m. at Pawling Town Hall at 160 Charles Colman Blvd.