Sen. Murphy Awards Grant to Pawling Library for Program Enhancements

State Senator Terrence Murphy has presented the Pawling Library with a $5,000 Bullet Aid Grant that will be divided between two programs from which community teens will benefit. “Part of the grant will be used to purchase additional laptop computers so that our existing computer-based programs may have more participants,” explained Library Director, Brian Avery. The rest of the funds will purchase gardening equipment and supplies, which will be used to start new teen programs that focus on Science and Botany.

This marks the fifth grant that the Pawling Library has been awarded this year to expand and improve its programming. All grant funding has supported a diverse array of programs, from eclipse education for children to computer classes for seniors. “We have been very fortunate,” said Avery, “that so many organizations have recognized the good work the library does and have wanted to partner with us.”

Pawling Library program coordinators Neena Mcbaer, Kate Lambert, and Donald Partelow, are committed to providing quality programming for members of the Pawling community and these grants go a long way to helping them do just that.

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