Pawling: Hollywood East

Earlier this month, it was announced that Paramount Pictures will be filming scenes for an upcoming major motion picture “A Quiet Place” in Pawling. The horror picture will star John Krasinski (“The Office”) and Emily Blunt (“The Girl on the Train”) as the parents of a family haunted by a supernatural entity. Producers were granted use of a farmhouse near Dodge Road and West Dover Road, with specifications that the vegetation be allowed to grow to give the property a dilapidated look to fit the film’s tone. Filming will take place in September and October, with other scenes being shot in nearby Dover and New Paltz. This development not only gives Pawling the status of being a part of cinema history, but it also adds to a growing list of movie and television projects that have come to Pawling in recent years.

In March of last year, the Trinity-Pawling School was chosen as the principle location for the Netflix Originally movie “Coin Heist,” which premiered on Netflix this past January. Starring Alex Saxon (“The Fosters”) Sasha Pieterse (“Pretty Little Liars”) and Michael Cyril Creighton (“Spotlight”), the film focuses on a mismatched group of prep school students who hatch a plan to rob the U.S. Mint. Originally titled “The Penny Factory,” the movie even put out a local casting call for extras to play high school students in the scenes filmed at Trinity Pawling. “Coin Heist” is based on a novel by Elisa Ludwig and was the latest of nine other projects that identify Pawling as a filming location, including independent horror films “Wild Men” (2017), “Frostbite” (2013) and the documentary “Back on Track” slated to be released next year.

In addition to scenes from several big screen features filmed in Pawling, the area has also seen its fair share of appearances on the small screen as well. In September of 2013, the hit CBS show Elementary chose several locations in the village for the second season episode “The Marchioness.” Featuring Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, this modern adaption of the Sherlock Holmes crime tales filmed extensively for the episode on the Village Green. The old village firehouse, McKinney and Doyle, and the Dutcher House can all be viewed in the background of those scenes. Additional filming was also done at Mistover Equestrian Farm.

The small town charm of Pawling has also attracted international filmmakers. The German production company Van Wormer International came to the area in May 2016 to scout locations for a film series based on the books of British novelist Katie Fforde. Upon visiting The Book Cove, producers found the business to be the perfect location for the adaptation of the novel Love Letters, which features the main character trying to save her failing bookstore. The Book Cove was ultimately used for three days of filming. The finished movie was eventually broadcast on the German Lifetime Network.

While movies and scripted shows have brought production to Pawling in recent years, the town has also been the subject of several reality shows. Local mainstay Vinny’s Deli at 14 East Main Street has been featured on Food Network shows twice in recent years. First, Vinny’s was shown on a segment of Farmhouse Rules, where host Nancy Fuller spoke about the deli’s fresh mozzarella. In 2016, Vinny’s was featured once again on a third season episode of Guilty Pleasures. In this show, Food Network hosts reveal their favorite guilty pleasure foods, with Fuller choosing the famous Steak Margarita Sandwich from the deli. Pawling was also featured on an episode of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot in 2012. The show featured a team of experts who tour the country investigating claims from people claiming to see the legendary Sasquatch. The episode examined residents from the area who allegedly spotted Bigfoot along the nearby Appalachian Trail.

The rustic appeal of the Harlem Valley combined with the picturesque Village of Pawling make for an irresistible location for producers of a variety of entertainment projects. Movies, television, and even reality programming have all found a niche here, a trend that will surely continue.

Lights. Camera. Action. Pawling!