Village to Enter Contract Discussion with Trash Removal Service

By Tom Walogorsky

The Village Board convened on Monday, August 7, at the Village Hall to discuss several ongoing issues, including a waste disposal contract, a “Greenway Act” grant application, and an update on infrastructure improvement.

The meeting began with a discussion about trash removal and recycling in the village. The Board is considering a meeting with Welsh Sanitation Co., a waste management service in Wingdale, NY, to determine if a contract with Welsh could lead to efficient, cost-effective garbage disposal and recycling. The service would need to include residential, door-to-door trash pickup, as well as emptying the public receptacles throughout the village. Garbage bins in the village are currently emptied by members of the Highway Department; outsourcing this function would free up labor hours for other duties such as infrastructure maintenance and repair.

In other business, the Board approved the Pawling Central School District’s (PCSD) assembly permit application for the PCSD’s annual homecoming parade. The event is scheduled to take place on Friday, October 20, with approval to use Charles Coleman Blvd. for the procession.

The Board announced that the village is in the midst of completing an application for the Hudson Valley Greenway Grant Program. Created by the Greenway Act of 1991, the program is a state-sponsored process to facilitate the development of a strategy for preserving scenic, natural, historic, cultural and recreational resources while encouraging economic development. Once the grant application is completed, the village will be eligible for up to $25,000. Grant funds will be devoted to an update of the Village Master Plan. The village intends to submit the application by February 2018.

Citing concerns about the security at the Pawling Chamber of Commerce building, the Board voted to install a surveillance camera system. In recent weeks, Chamber members have reported several incidents in which persons forced open windows and door locks to gain entry to the building’s restrooms after business hours. No significant damage has been reported, but the Board will begin pricing cameras for the interior hallway and immediate exterior of the Chamber building.

The milling and repaving of Charles Colman Blvd. from Union Street to West Main Street is scheduled to begin in late September. Village officials are also accepting bids to repave the parking lot behind Village Hall, as well as pursuing options to replace galvanized water and sewer mains throughout the village. These two projects may begin as early as next year, officials said.

The meeting concluded with an announcement that the Board is in the midst of a fundraising effort for the purchase of a memorial bench in honor of the late Stanley Howard Mersand, the former Dutchess County Historian and active community volunteer and village official. The effort has already collected more than $700 in donations for the memorial bench, which will be placed in the Hasler-Kamp Post American Legion cemetery. State Senator Terrance Murphy has already committed to attend the dedication once a date for the ceremony has been set.