Town Board Approves Rezoning, Motion Picture Access

by Tom Walogorsky | Staff Writer

The Pawling Town Board convened on Wednesday, August 9, at the Town Hall for a regular session to announce a change in the town’s payroll contract, provide an update on the Transfer Station, and vote on the proposed rezoning of parcels of land on Route 22 and an application for location access for the production of a motion picture to be partially filmed in town.

The Board has recently been reviewing options for outsourcing the town’s payroll services. After hearing presentations from several firms, Board members have decided to engage the services of Paychex, Inc. For an annual fee of $8,100, Paychex will process the payroll for town employees and provide computerized time and attendance software to replace the process currently in use. Paychex Inc., will manage the town’s payroll services through the end of 2018.

Officials announced that the Transfer Station is now fully staffed by attendants as part of the ongoing effort to improve the efficiency of the facility and to ensure that all resident users have active permits properly displayed on their vehicles.

Following the official closing of a public hearing on the matter, the Board unanimously approved the rezoning of seven parcels of residential property on Route 22. The area comprises 14 acres just south of the intersection with Route 55. The parcels will now be classified as a highway business commercial district. The Board selected the parcels for their frontage on Route 22 and determined that developing the properties for commercial use would not adversely impact environmentally sensitive areas nearby.

The Board approved a resolution to grant Paramount Pictures location access in Pawling for movie production. The studio sought approval to use the area surrounding Dodge Road, between West Dover Road and the Pawling-Beekman Roller Hockey rink, and a nearby farmhouse from August 10 through October 31. Paramount requested that the vegetation in the location be allowed to grow, contingent upon returning the property to its original condition at the completion of the filming. The property will be used for one day of filming, and the town will be paid $2,500 for the access. Paramount has requested that details about the film be kept confidential.

Finally, the Board approved two resolutions for the reconstruction of the Whaley Lake Dam. The he town has officially retained the services of Fuss & O'Neill for design, permitting, and construction drawings, as well as engineering oversight for the project. The Board also voted to appoint an “Owners Representative” to oversee the reconstruction. The representative will serve as a liaison between the General Contractor, the Town Engineer, and the Town Board, as well as the town’s on-site manager. The Board will hold a special meeting to appoint the Owner Representative at a later date.