In welcome news to local pet owners and their furry friends, the Pawling Animal Clinic is open and under new ownership. Dr. Hope Jankunas and her husband, Dr. Jeremy Frederick, bring not only years of veterinary experience to the area, but also their unique “fear free” approach to animal care. The Pawling Animal Clinic opened in 1994 and was a mainstay for Pawling pet owners for many years. But the business was about to close its doors earlier this year. That’s when Drs. Jankunas and Frederick saw a chance to expand their practice to Pawling, adding to their locations in Carmel and Fishkill. “When we heard that the clinic was going to close, we thought it would be a shame for Pawling to lose such an important part of the community,” says Dr. Frederick. “Basically, we took the opportunity to save it.” The Pawling Animal Clinic is a full service veterinary facility. In addition to regular check-ups, the clinic offers spaying and neutering, oral health care, dental disease prevention, and micro-chipping. The clinic also performs cardiology exams and specialty surgeries in house. Also available are Pet Annual Wellness (PAW) Plans, which bring animals in for yearly office visits, vaccinations, screenings, and blood tests. The clinic is planning to add grooming services in the future. Drs. Jankunas and Frederick place great emphasis on their concept of “fear free” animal care. The three resident veterinarians and all assistants and vet technicians are trained to provide a low-stress, calm environment for all animals at the clinic. These practices include offering treats during visits, affording longer times for examinations, and gentle dentistry. “We’re all about providing a positive experience and creating a patient-friendly environment. We want all the patients and the pet parents to feel comfortable coming here,” says Dr. Frederick. The team at the Pawling Animal Clinic is excited to be a part of the community, and they look forward to establishing a reputation throughout the area. Dr. Jankunas serves on the board of the Hudson Valley Veterinary Medical Society, and she and her husband are members of the New York State Veterinary Medical Association. They are active in the 4H Club and local rescue shelters. “We like being part of the community,” says Dr. Frederick. “It’s important for people to feel comfortable with the care providers they’re dealing with. When you walk in here, there’s a pretty good chance that you will run into me or my wife – the people who own the business.” The Pawling Animal Clinic, located at 550 Route 22, provides high quality and compassionate veterinary care for dogs, cats or small animals. For more information about the clinic visit