Castagna Presents Ideas for Next Phase of Senior Park

by Tom Walogorsky

On Tuesday, June 20, the Pawling Chamber of Commerce and The Pawling Rotary Club hosted an event to discuss the next addition to the Castagna Senior Park. Held at the Brady Brook Farms Meeting House on Akindale Road, the meeting was an information session aimed at gauging interest in expanding the senior living facility.

Following an introduction from Chamber President Peter Cris and Rotary President Jeff Asher, the audience of more than 30 interested residents was addressed by representatives from Castagna Realty Company. President and CEO John Gutleber and Assistant Vice President Alex Wong summarized what the company has already completed in Pawling before shifting focus to future projects.

The Castagna Senior Park officially broke ground in 2015, occupying a 200-acre plot on the east side of Route 22, just north of the Hannaford supermarket. Initial construction was completed in May 2016, with 80 units of senior housing. The property is zoned for up to 400 units of senior housing, 167,00 square feet of medical offices, 200,000 square feet of retail space, and a hotel. Castagna’s goal is to create a “center for healthy aging,” with all necessary accommodations in one place.

According to Mr. Wong, the project will be a boon to the local economy, as well as a benefit to seniors. Upon completion, the commerce park is projected to bring the Town of Pawling an estimated $5 million dollars in tax revenue each year. In addition, Mr. Wong said that the project is likely to create an estimated 800 permanent jobs, as well as 1,800 construction jobs in the interim. “Castagna has been a part of the Pawling community for over 50 years. We look forward to continuing this relationship with a well planned development that will benefit the entire area,” Mr. Wong said.

As they begin to plan for the next phase of construction, Castagna proposed several ideas for public discussion. The company is seeking to build 110 town house units for senior living. While still in the design phase, the company speculates that one- and two-bedroom units will be available, with the option for a one-car garage. The estimated starting price of these town houses is $400,000. Other features, such as an in-unit elevator, will be available at an additional cost.

The company is also planning to add additional facilities with the new construction. These would include a medical office building with an urgent care facility, which would drastically reduce the time needed by Senior Park residents to reach medical attention in the event of an emergency. Castagna is also considering the addition of a YMCA on the premises. This would include a community center for activities, as well as a pool for recreation and physical therapy. The YMCA concept is still in an early stage of development. Developing the town houses remains the top priority.