Daryl's House At Odds with Town of Pawling

by Tom Walogorsky | Staff Writer

Since 2014, Daryl’s House Club, owned by famed musician Daryl Hall has become a fixture in the Pawling community. In recent months, however, the relationship between the club and town officials has become strained.

The issue in question has to do with capacity limits and stems from a violation notice that was served to the club by a building inspector in March. The Notice of Violation – Order to Remedy presented to Daryl’s House alleged that the venue’s headcount was over capacity when visited by the town fire marshal.

This notice was served while Daryl’s House was in the process of petitioning the Town of Pawling for approval of an outdoor music and seating venue. According to news reports at the time, the club was given a Certificate of Occupancy for 175 seated persons or 318 standees in October 2014. While the club was in negotiations with the town regarding the outdoor area, this number was allegedly revised down to 198 standees.

In response to the violation notice and alleged downward revised capacity of the club, Daryl’s House has since filed a lawsuit against the Town of Pawling and Town Supervisor David Kelly. The attorney for Daryl’s House is William G. Sayegh of Carmel. The town council has retained the firm of Stenger, Roberts, Davis, and Diamond LLP in this matter. Readers who want to learn more about the dispute will find coverage online at the Poughkeepsie Journal, The Wrap, Hudson Valley Post, and other news outlets.